5 Best Garden Rooms for 2022

Garden rooms are a fantastic way to add space to your property without the investment or upheaval of a house extension. So, whether you’re seeking extra space for the family, or you’re looking at something on a budget, take a look at our five best garden rooms for 2022.

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1. Best garden rooms for the environment

 If you’re a keen gardener, or enjoy watching nature, then a greenhouse garden room could be the ideal way to add space and charm to your property.

Available in a range of sizes and styles, from small and contemporary to large and regal typical of the Victorian era, a greenhouse garden room can be tailored to your exact specifications that best show off your collection of plants.

2. Best value garden rooms

Looking for the best value garden rooms? Then nothing beats a garden shed. Use it as space for extra storage, or transform it into your personal retreat for some peace and quiet away from the house. You could even make it into a shed games room. Add a comfy chair, a table for your morning coffee and a stack of books or some music and you’ve instantly got your very own sanctuary.

With the final design and finish made to fit your style and taste, you can personalise your shed however you like.

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3. Best garden rooms for teens

If you’ve got older children who are longing for their own space to hang out with friends, perhaps the best garden room for you will be a den garden room.

Imagine having the space to create another relaxing room complete with sofa, TV, games console, and music which your kids can retreat to leaving you in peace – pure bliss! Power up your garden room to electricity and Wi-Fi and your children will never want to leave their new den!

4. Best garden rooms for visitors

Have lots of people staying over but never enough space to put them up? A garden room for overnight guests is the perfect solution. Whilst you will have to address Building Regulations, the best garden room designs will mean that you not only have electricity and running water, but a separate bathroom and even a kitchenette so that your guests can have their own contained space.

If your garden room has its own access, you could even consider making this a form of additional income by renting your garden room out as an Airbnb property.

5. Best garden rooms for a yoga studio

Not only does yoga improve strength and flexibility, it can also reduce stress, ease aches and pains and improve sleep. If you’re one of the thousands of people now practising yoga, a garden room gives you the space and peace to do so without being disturbed in the house.

Get knowledgeable advice with the best garden room company at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings. We can design and install your yoga room and then kit it out with flooring, windows, power points, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Looking for privacy blinds or other decoration ideas? We can help with that too!

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Looking for the best garden rooms? Look to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

Looking for the best garden rooms to add space and value to your property? Surrey Hills Garden Buildings can help with everything from design, installation and decoration of your new garden room.

If you’re inspired by our ideas for the best garden rooms, or you’ve got an idea of your own that you’d like to talk through, then why not visit one of our dedicated show sites? Alternatively you are welcome to get in touch.

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