4 Great Summer House Ideas for Outdoor Inspiration

Your very own garden hideaway. A room with a view. A place to unwind, relax and enjoy all the pleasures of nature in your back yard. If you’ve been dreaming about adding a summerhouse to your garden, or you already own a summer building and are looking for inspiration to give it an uplift, read on for our experts’ top summer house ideas and leading trends.

summer house ideas

There is so much to choose from in terms of style and design when it comes to garden buildings such as summerhouses. Creating something that suits your personal taste and lifestyle is an exciting and enjoyable process. But where to start? It all begins with a splash of inspiration, which is precisely what we’ve got for you. Here are some summerhouse interior ideas, together with a few suggestions you may never have thought of.

1. Reminisce about hazy seaside days with a beach hut style summerhouse

If childhood memories of carefree days at the seaside fill your mind every time you hear a seagull squawk or catch the unmistakable scent of candyfloss, then why not bring those memories flooding back every time you head into the garden by creating a summerhouse that reflects the feel of the coast?

A beach house style summerhouse is the ideal way to create a coastal style escape. If you are looking for small summer house ideas, a beach hut certainly fits the bill. Naturally cosy and designed around basic living, beach huts exude a unique air of charm.

summerhouse interior ideas

Go for a model with an outside covered deck, perhaps one that sits on raised stilts, and you’ve nailed the beach hut look instantly. Enjoy the sunshine whilst appreciating your garden views, and when you need to, retreat inside and put the kettle on, or grab a glass of something chilled and snuggle up as the sun goes down. There’s always the option to add power to your summerhouse, so you can enjoy all mod cons for total comfort.

So, how to achieve the beach hut look for your summer house? It’s actually as simple as painting the walls white or going for a striped look, and picking up on a nautical feel. Furniture should be comfy and casual with plenty of scatter cushions, and coastal inspired accessories such as lanterns, a ship’s wheel and shells will complete the look.

2. Make music with a harmonious summer house

If you love your music, whether that means listening to it or playing it, what better place to indulge your passion and get your creative juices flowing than an outdoor room with a view?

One of our favourite summer house ideas is the outdoor music room. When fitted with acoustic panels, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you won’t be disturbing anyone outside.

If you play, or are learning, you can practice to your heart’s content. If you write music, a summer house is the ideal place to grab some privacy, and of course inspiration, as you look out over the garden and take in the changing skies and light, and perhaps wildlife. The perfect muse!

And if you’re more into listening than playing or composing, then you can kick back in your summerhouse music room and tune into your favourite sounds, courtesy of your summer house connected sound system. Because these days, anything is possible in the realms of summerhouse technology.

3. Take in the view panoramic style with a rotating summerhouse

A lot of thought is ploughed in to considering how to position a summer house. What is the best side? How will you enjoy the most pleasurable views, or the optimum light? Well, thankfully, all those conundrums are fixed when you opt for a rotating summer house.

The rotating summerhouse idea was first coined by the Victorians. Making use of an ingenious mechanism, it is a concept that allows you to literally turn your summer house in line with changing climatic conditions. So for example, you may wish to chase the sun, or make maximum use of natural light, which is beneficial if you are reading or pursuing crafts, for example.

If you have been stumped as to how best to orientate your summerhouse to best appreciate your garden, the rotating model has to be one of the best summer house ideas you can embrace.

4. Embrace your creative spark with a summerhouse borne of your imagination

There are so many creative things you can do with a summer house. You may be a lover of all things classical, in which case you could opt for a Victorian style building that represents your timeless taste. This is actually one of the most popular summer house ideas, with the elegant octagonal shape sitting beautifully in a formal, landscaped garden.

But don’t stop there. A contemporary ‘pod’ that doubles as a home based workspace come summer retreat, complete with all the tech you could ever want, is a leading trend. Scandinavian-inspired, wood-clad interiors that lead out onto a hot tub deck are also becoming increasingly popular. And of course, if your imagination dictates, or you have fanciful children, you may even go as far as creating a fairy house style summer building in your garden. Your imagination, as they say, is the limit.

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