3 Inspirational Home Office Shed Ideas

There are many good reasons to install a home office in your garden. Your own dedicated space to work, without the day to day distractions of life. A place you can leave behind at the end of the day, to create a divide between work and home. But have you thought that a garden office could also provide inspiration? Whether you work in a creative trade, or you just need a little motivation to help boost your productivity and efficiency, these home office shed ideas could provide you with the inspiration you need for a brighter working life.

Garden office

1. Home office gym

There’s a lot to be said for how a spot of exercise can clear the mind and refocus our thoughts. It’s precisely why one of our favourite home office shed ideas has to include a mini garden gym. Even you just have one or two pieces of equipment, imagine stopping work for a quick workout on your cross trainer, running machine or rower.

Not only will you get to work out with a view of the garden, you’ll also be able to take some valuable time out, whilst feeling like you’ve done yourself some good.

Summer house gym

2. Holiday inspired home office

There’s something about a Mediterranean backdrop that naturally relaxes the mind and inspires us. Imagining ourselves on holiday is the ultimate way to spark creativity and get us focused on the job in hand.

So why not create a Mediterranean style home office shed? Draw inspiration from Spain, Italy or Greece for your interior décor, with a cool white or neutral backdrop splashed with vibrant colour. Terracotta, mustard yellow and azure blue are the perfect shades to accessorise with, and some cool floor tiles will give you that continental vibe.

Planters brimming with brightly coloured geraniums will further enhance the look, and at the same time give you something to take care of, which is always conducive to productivity.

Mediterranean summer house

3. Home office shed grow room

As we just touched on, taking care of plants can give you a sense of purpose, which can ease the mind and boost productivity. So imagine taking that a step further, and growing your own produce!

The satisfaction of growing your own food is unbeatable. And what better place to grow crops than in your very own home office shed grow room? Using hydroponics, the science of growing plants without using soil, you are not at the mercy of the weather and natural predators.

A combination room is ideal if this is a scenario you are keen on. You could have your office space in one section, and your grow room in the other. Whenever you need to take time out to clear your mind, brainstorm or remove your creative blocks, you can take a wander into your grow room, and lose yourself in tending to your crops for a while.

Home office grow room

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